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I noticed that you've cast a few red herrings and others have chased them. Let's bring this back on topic, shall we?

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
The intelligence thing I brought up was subject to peer review as well.
We wouldn't know. You haven't cited the "thing" you brought up. What specific research are you referring to? There have been many, some of which were peer reviewed -and utterly skewered by their peers.

Never take any study involving race or religion at face value.
Agreed. This is why I took the time to examine and evaluate the methodologies.

Btw, an Ivy league education doesn't mean one is intelligent, it just means they studied in a particular field. There are other colleges out there.
I do not dispute this. Nor have I asserted it. Indeed, on of the studies I cited used students from community colleges in its sample. I'm not sure where you're going with this.

I just found something else that makes you wonder what these Professors were taught:

Supposedly because they didn't vote for Obama they are slavery loving racists? Excuse me, this is a College Professor shouldn't he have learned that there are other reasons one wouldn't have voted for Obama.
This has zero relevance to studies I cited. Zero.

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