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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine View Post
So in other words, you don't have any evidence to back up your statement and you're pulling this completely out of your ass. Gotcha.
Well considering I've seen this kind of stuff before and the shear volume of people bashing her, I'd say that teachers would have had to notice it unless they were completely incompetitent.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Gonna throw something you said right back at you.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
It's the reporter's analysis, Garfield. Doesn't mean it was actually a threat.
There is a slight difference, nice try. In my example the reporter was interviewing her. In your example, the reporter just made a supposition without any supporting evidence or testimony.

Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
Show me where it can be inferred from the article. If you can't, I'm forced to believe that you're just full of crap. Thanks.
It's the example you tried unsuccessfully to throw back in my face.
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