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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Well considering I've seen this kind of stuff before and the shear volume of people bashing her, I'd say that teachers would have had to notice it unless they were completely incompetitent.
You still have not shown where you get this 'shear volume' (the word is 'sheer', by the way) data from. And you have not shown where exactly these statements by other students took place. In other words, you make suppositions on incomplete information and decide these are facts. You are quite possibly the worst researcher ever.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
There is a slight difference, nice try. In my example the reporter was interviewing her. In your example, the reporter just made a supposition without any supporting evidence or testimony.
Originally Posted by John Kass
If Catherine was shocked by such passive-aggressive threats from instructors, just wait until she goes to college.
Originally Posted by John Kass
All such outrage is predictable. Whether red or blue or right or left, many adults donít get it. But Catherine Vogt sure gets it: Children learn their politics from their parents.
In both instances, the author makes a statement that were not directly stated to the student, but merely part of the article as commentary on the situation. They are both assertions made by the author, thus they are both equally valid.

And that first quote still does not address the tone in which the teacher delivered her statement. It neither said it was threatening or pleasant, but from the wording, it is easier to assume the latter than it is the former.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
It's the example you tried unsuccessfully to throw back in my face.
The example above is used to illustrate the tone/threat issue. It has nothing to do with your inference that there were 'other examples that didn't make it into the article.' Please stop attacking the wrong arguments. It is dishonest and quite frankly makes you look like an idiot.
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