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"Commander Derekil, transmission lost."

Korvik nodded,"Keep searching, Drishhu. The man was obviously Mando'a. He's a brother, and hauling his sheb out of space is probably the least we can do. Track the transmission location from start to finish."

Drishhu saluted and began scanning, but a loud alram began to ring. Drishhu pressed a button.

"Commander Derekil, this is Captain Kagi of Mand'alor's ship, Warrior Spirit. We have just pulled in an unidentified vessel. Does it's transponder code match that of the Mandalorian we made contact with?"

The code flashed in front of Korvik, who studied it quickly.

"Yes, that's it. You found him. Good job, Captain."

The transmission was shut off and Korvik sighed.

Drishhu spoke first,"Well, that was fast."

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