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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Relax Groov, you're forgetting about the wonders of editing. The next episode won't be released until March 9... which means we'll have plenty of time to edit in the winning theme.

Sure we won't be able to mention the winner on the ep2 podcast, but we will still be able to mention it here on the forum and of course congratulate them on ep3.

May seem a little odd, but eh, what can ya do.
Oh I am well aware of the "editing" process! (lol...Niner) I just wanted to stoke the coals a bit, and I am also anxious to hear some other entries. We got a boat load of Talent here on LF! I'm the kind of guy that likes to tell everyone to show up at 9, for the Ten o'clock meeting. Know what I'm saying?
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