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Originally Posted by knockhimout View Post
hello. i am new to this forum (duh). i am an insane football player and a fan of tolkien. i also like the original star wars and think the republic is awesome, though indiana jones is better. i love most games based on star wars as well, but i have never played battlefront and i really want to.

couple questions about it first.

how are the graphics? ive played games by pandemic, like lotr conquest, and the graphics are okay.

how is the gameplay itself? the gameplay for the pandemic games ive played is pretty good. ive also researched battlefront and it looks good and thorough.

how would you compare it to conquest and others?

and finally, whats a tag? i guess its the equivalent of a signature, but i dont know.

thats really all the questions i can think of. excited to join the community.
Hey Knockhimout... The graphics are O-K... The cloth simulations are really nice though... Gameplay is good. I'd say this game is better than Conquest at everything except for graphics... I do believe you're talking about the BB Code tags... bokkenblader56 gave a link, you can probably use those and if you're still lost, you can always go to the LucasForums FAQ Page Those give the codes and a description of what they do...
Welcome to LF...

And I do hope these forums come back to life...

Originally Posted by Q View Post
I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's like the planets are aligning or something.
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