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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
As for the lag, I didn't notice any significant improvement than other games I've played. Then again, my location and connection means I get a miserable 100-300 ping most of the time. >:[
Servers are American and I remember there being a few German servers (there's one Team FFA server in Germany I love). Adding more servers was a common request in the private beta, apparently most people just said to wait out for the full release. By that time, id should have servers all across the globe.
I've found that most of the users seem to be European, and if that's the case, then hopefully there will be more international servers. IMO, I just hope that there's more player models, seeing as none of them seem to be too uncommon. I'm just sticking to the skeleton right now.

I've also unofficially started a LF clan. Right now, I have [LF] in my clan tag, just for the hell of it.
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