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Originally Posted by LordOfTheFish View Post
@ Lt Wolf-

That idea was canned awhile back, since all the CCP guys pretty much deserted the site other than me and da_man (occasionally M@RS).

If you were talking about M@RS' fanfic, "Sev's Fate" than I think there trying to get some artwork up on the CCP Forums (Can be found at General LiWar's site).
I have been working on some stuff but don't want to release it until I have enough to create some buzz around here. Unfortunately I am really the only one working on it (that I know of) so it is taking a while (since I have lots of other thing that I do).

I wold love for this forum to live...The thing that drew me into this forum (even though RC is not for mac) was CCP but then it got all spammed by people and both of the threads got closed.

If somebody made a magnificent mod for this game that was a total-conversion (it would have the quality of the "Escape from Yavin" TC for JA) I am sure that it would get the forums started up at least for while.

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