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Hey everyone!

I'm just stopping in to give you guys an update.

Today I will be focusing on the new ship, the Raptor.
I made some modifications.

During the game you will find items that can be scanned at your research lab.
You will be using this to unlock holocrons which some will unlock new lightsaber building plans.

This is a cell which will be used to transport your bounties back.
I'm still working on force field so it will only be shown in the doorway.

This force field will be part of a side quest where you can capture certain creatures and bring them back to Vogga to add to his pets like the rancor.
This will be where they will be stored on your ship.

Kaila's swoop bike.

This will be how you will travel to planets. You will talk to this droid who will then set the nava-computer to the planet you selected. This eliminates the limit of planets i can add to the game.

Once I implement the bounty hunting, monster collecting and smuggling side quests then I will have some shots with npcs in the cells.

The project is going great,
I'm over half way done with the main quest and building steam.



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