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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
So you are trying to tell us that there is not one single researcher in the entirety of the world who is interested in refuting a correlation between lower IQ and religion?
Oh you mean like the one where a scientist at the Smithsonian Institute was discriminated against because he believed in God?

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
You always need to be skeptical of research period. That is how science works, don't accept anything without analysis.
Considering I do a lot of research, I already know that, and the fact that SkinWalker's source has gotten in trouble for skewing data, doesn't speak well of his source's credibility.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Maybe you could finally take the time to demonstrate exactly how it is propaganda? Show us the flaw in the method? Find the bias in the sampling?
Why don't you look up on wikipedia the Nazi Party there is a subsection in that article dealing with how they utilized 'research' to prove their discriminatory attitudes as legitimate. Seriously, there are a few other historical examples that fit this too, none of which are something that speak highly of this kind of research.

Originally Posted by jmac7142
It's not a jab of any sort, you have a poor grasp of logic and taking a Philosophy class might help to remedy that since it's essentially proving things through logic and almost nothing else.
As one whom possesses a minor in History, I can say with relative certainty that those whom do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Quite frankly the research that SkinWalker is using looks rather similar to the kind of research that was seen out of Nazi Germany.
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