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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
podcast 's great! it serves the purpose very well: "carrying LF around in your pocket". loved it.

it was a bit hard to assign the voices to each of the cast... got kinda jumbled ip a bit between groovy and moeler...

oh, and is it just me or did it seem like lexx was being talked over repeatedly in the first half or so of the 'cast....
Nah it is true. We DID talk over each other a great deal. We have only done one test run, and one actual podcast. We are still trying to get used to each other, and not cut each other off. Something we are working on. When we record these things, we also try to type to each other to not cut each other off, but sometimes it is hard. We hope to iron that out in future recordings. We will get it right eventually. Thanks for your patience, glad you enjoyed it!

Also, little known fact... Not that it matters...

When I recorded the cast, I had worked an 11 hour day, and had a bad cold, but it is hard for us to get together on any other day due to the time zone differences. No thanks to the medication in me, I stumbled around a lot during my bits, and I am sorry for that. I am actually quite impressed at how much Niner salvaged from the wreckage. Next one should be better. I will be well rested. I am not working this Sunday. So we will be recording this evening, and the finished product should be out in a week. I think 3/8 was the projected date. Thanks for your feedback, and glad you enjoyed our show!
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