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Methodology is flawed in that it uses a sample size that was not equal. Nearly 100 to 1.*
They got a more accurate average for religious than athiest. That means it would trend toward the average of the US, which last I checked was right around 100. **

It fails to break it out by how religous they are, and whether they are fundamentalists.

Seems to me if you pick and choose where you get your data you can manipulate your data aquisition to skew your results.

Again, while I find it insulting that you keep making the claim that the religious are less intelligent, I do not judge the worth of a person by their IQ. Nor do I judge their worth by the level of education. I have a buddy who is an ASE Certified Master Mechanic. I don't look down my nose at him because he didn't attend college. And shame on you if you do. Which it certainly appears you do. You guys put so much emphasys on IQ and education.

*note: easy to understand as the relation of religious to athiest in the US is a similar number
**interesting to note that the average from the test is higher than the national average. could that indicate that those that took the ASVAB are smarter than the average person in the US?

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