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Only three days left until we can unleash our Revolutionary (or Imperialistic) fervour upon the civilised world.

There's been some promising reviews, with it receiving 94% from PC Gamer (US and UK), and a 95/100 from IGN (review here). So far, review averages are shaping Empire up to be the best Total War title yet (average so far - 91.55).

But, the best review by far is from NOWGamer's Martin Korda, who has heralded Empire as 'The Greatest Strategy Game of all time' (review here).

Kieran Bridgen (Creative Assembly Staff) has been writing an account of his Grand Campaign exploits playing as the Prussian Empire.

Some excerpts:

Originally Posted by Kieran Bridgen
The end of the winter season brings terrible, tragic news.

My king is dead.

The United Provinces, immediately lay claim to my throne. "A war of succesion" they cry. I am at war.
A full scale revolution begins.

Armies of the people smash into the gates of Brandenburg palace, throwing the iron backward and forward as a desperate royal guard fire on them from inside the palace.
With whom will I side?
The city of Paris has fallen to the Dutch and the world will never be the same.

The United Provinces have expanded so far into western europe that they now threaten Portugal.

The French fought a bitter battle for their survival but were no match for the United Provinces.

Glancing at the map of Europe I see it painted orange. Everywhere west of Saxony and Hannover is Dutch save for a small piece of Spain and Portugal.
It's not clear how much of it actually occurs in the game, and how much is embellished, but it's certainly an interesting read. You can find the whole thing here, and more updates are in progress.


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