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Vision for BF3 - Battlefront: The Clone Wars

After watching the new CGI Clone Wars TV series, I think the new Battlefront should reflect it. With its slightly more cartoony graphics, development should be much quicker and a better game can be made.

Also, limiting the game to the Clone Wars makes more sense. The Galactic Civil War, while it just about works with space battles (even then, the Rebels deliberately avoided fleet action with the Empire until Endor, despite what you see in Empire at War), the Rebels and Imperials rarely fought land battles. The reason for both in the same, the Rebels were ridiculously outneumbered and thus fought mostly guerilla warfare.

The Clone Wars, however, is the opposite, featuring literally millions of Clones and droids. If anything, Battlefront 1 and 2 failed to get across the sheer numbers. There's a simple way to rectify this - squad-based combat - most troops will be accompanied by an AI squad.

Battlefront 3: Clone Wars Plan



Republic Classes

Clone Trooper Squad

-6 Clone Troopers, each Clone's loadout customisable
-Main Weapons:
-DC-15A Rifle - long-ranged, accurate rifle. Lower RoF than DC-15S
-DC-15S Carbine - medium-range, less accurate rifle. High RoF

-Heavy Weapons (maximum of 2 per squad, those 2 only carry pistols)
-PLX-1 Missile Launcher
-Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon (chaingun)

-Jetpack (optional (whole squad on/off), removes heavy weapons and only allows DC-15S)

-Take cover (Cloens take cover behind enarest obstacle, if in open
ground they lie/crouch
-Formation Change (switch between column, line and ring formations)
-Autofire (clones fire at targets automatically - only your player is
controlled by you - autofire always enabled in ring formation)

-Thermal Detonators

-DC-17 Pistol

Clone Captain

-Main Weapon
-Dual DC-17 Pistols, unlimited ammo

-Melee Attack (punches/kicks)

-Ion Grenades x 6 (disable droids for 5 seconds)

-Call artillery barrage - calls barrage on outdoor maps, 1 per min.
-Visor - flip down visor with 10x zoom - can designate targets that
appear on minimap with this
-Faster running speed - 1.5x speed of normal soldiers

Clone Scout

-Main Weapon: DC-15x Sniper Rifle

-Sidearm: DC-17 pistol

-Jammer - immune to scans
-Scanner - displays enemies on minimap for 15 seconds - 1 per min

Clone Pilot

-Only unit capable of operating tanks/walkers/starfighters

Main Weapon - DC-15S Carbine
Abilites - Fusion Cutter - repair vehicles


-Depending on battle, 1-3 specific Jedi are available. Each player gets 1 life as Jedi, the next player then gets the Jedi for a life. Once all players have used a jedi, jedi retreats from battle.

-Main Weapon - Lightsaber
-Force leap
-Fast running speed
-Saber throw
-Force powers x2 (vary with jedi used)

Separatist Classes

Battle Droid Squad

-12 Battle Droids, armed with E-5 Blaster Rifles and SE-14 Pistols
-Optional - arm four droids with E-60 Missile Launchers (Rifles replaced with pistols)
-Formations - Column, Line, Ring

Super Battle Droid Squad

-6 Super Battle Droids, armed with wrist Blasters and wrist rockets
-Optional - jetpacks - wrist rockets replaced by jetpacks

Assassin Droid Pair

-1 droid with sniper rifle, 1 with E-5 Rifle. Second droid protects you from enemies automatically.
-Main Weapon: E-5s Sniper Rifle

-Sidearm: SE-14 Pistol

-Jammer - immune to scans
-Scanner - displays enemies on minimap for 15 seconds - 1 per min


-"Destroyer Droid" has ability to roll quickly and deploy, shield appears for 30 seconds on deployment.

Main Weapon - dual wrist blasters

Dwarf Spider Droid

Dwarf Spider droid

Main Weapon - Blaster Cannon

Droid Pilot

-Only unit capable of operating tanks/walkers/starfighters

Main Weapon - E-5 Carbine
Abilites - Fusion Cutter - repair vehicles

Republic Vehicles

(all vehicle turrets auto-operated until human players get in)

Delta-7 - Early Jedi starfighter, Jedi only (Jedi starfighters are extremely manoeuvrable)
LAAT/i Gunship - 1 Pilot, 2 gunners, space for 12 troops (space + land)
V-19 Torrent - 1 pilot (space + land, armed with concussion missiles)
BTL-S3 Y-Wing - 1 pilot, 1 turret gunner (space, armed with proton bombs)
ARC-170 - 1 pilot, 1 rear gunner (space, armed with proton torpedoes)
V-Wing - 1 Pilot (space, lasers only)
Eta-2 - Late Jedi starfighter, Jedi only

more to come

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