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Originally Posted by talon1579 View Post
After watching the new CGI Clone Wars TV series, I think the new Battlefront should reflect it. With its slightly more cartoony graphics, development should be much quicker and a better game can be made.
So you want TF2 with blasters? No.
Originally Posted by talon1579 View Post
Also, limiting the game to the Clone Wars makes more sense. The Galactic Civil War, while it just about works with space battles (even then, the Rebels deliberately avoided fleet action with the Empire until Endor, despite what you see in Empire at War), the Rebels and Imperials rarely fought land battles. The reason for both in the same, the Rebels were ridiculously outneumbered and thus fought mostly guerilla warfare.
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Limiting replay value and alienating half of star wars fans? No.
The Clone Wars, however, is the opposite, featuring literally millions of Clones and droids. If anything, Battlefront 1 and 2 failed to get across the sheer numbers. There's a simple way to rectify this - squad-based combat - most troops will be accompanied by an AI squad.
Theres these things called processors and ram and other fancy sounding names. These things have limits. Once you reach these limits, things stop working. Having your millions of units makes this impossible for everyone who hasn't spent $10000 on a top of the line computer, which seeing has how we're in a recession, I doubt many have. And companies like to sell millions of products. Not 500.

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tl dnr

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