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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
The study itself makes no assertion of why, but seeks only to demonstrate the correlation between cognitive function and what people are willing to accept with regard to beliefs.

Pentecostals, for instance, are among the more dogmatic of religious adherents and I don't think it would be a stretch or generalization to imagine that the vast and overwhelming majority of this denomination are conservative republicans.

Pentecostals, however, also subscribe to the most fantastic of beliefs -things that are completely without intellectual merit or expectation of being true by those who are among the population who have higher cognitive function. Things like snake-handling, speaking in tongues (glossolalia), young-earth creationism, etc.

The prediction of the study is that this group would have a lower IQ (lower cognitive function) than more liberal groups. I actually didn't look at the table in the study before choosing Pentecostal as an example, but it turned out that the prediction holds. Pentecostals scored an average of 101.89 as an IQ whereas atheists scored an average of 111.08.
Well, I don't find this surprising in the least. Anyone willing to handle venomous snakes as a demonstration of their faith qualifies as incredibly stupid, or insane, or a mixture of both. Predictably, several have been bitten and a few have died due to this practice. What is the Pentecostal Church's explanation for this? That their faith wasn't strong enough? I think that my explanation is more likely.
Originally Posted by SkinWalker
Interestingly enough, and for those that might think so, I'm not asserting atheists are "smartest" nor is Nyborg. Indeed, the data are clear on this: The Episcopal/Angelican group scored the highest IQ at 113.43 with the Jewish denomination a close second at 112.43. Atheists actually placed 3rd and Agnostics 4th with an average IQ of 109.13.
Ah-hah! This is the part you told me about, correct? Very enlightening. Could it be that atheists and agnostics are more dogmatic than Episcopalians, Anglicans and Jews?

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