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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
Oh yeah? What research has that been? Aside from your irrelevant issues with the researchers past as has been repeated ad nauseum?
Actually that is relevent, whether or not you choose to admit it is your problem.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
*sigh* no, it was about all different levels of religiosity, from atheism to fundamentally religious. You would know this if you actually read the study.
Oh so let me get this straight it was a study geared to justify religious persecution.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
So if there is ever data collected that proves the existence of your deity of choice and Nyborg looks at it it's suddenly tainted and should be thrown out?
Saying that people aren't as intelligent because they believe in God reeks with bias, as would a study that says people that are atheists aren't as intelligent as those that believe in God.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Actually you just put words in my mouth. I made no such statements. Thanks for completely ignoring all of the points in my previous post though, I appreciate being proven correct when I make predictions.
No, in my opinion, you're only saying that it isn't relevant because of the fact if you had to admit that that incident I'm referring to was relevent it would completely invalidate your evidence to justify your beliefs. If the situation were reversed you'd be saying the same thing I was about the legitimacy of the study being questionable, and unlike you I would actually acknowledge that point.

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