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To me it's pointless unless you want the legal consequences that come with marriage in your jurisdiction or if you feel that your religion absolutely mandates it (officially I'm Roman catholic but I couldn't care less about the outdated "rules"...I should probably be excommunicated by now me the important message of Christ is love, not the paperwork ). Anyway, if only religious marriage would not necessarily equal civil marriage under the law (at least where I live)...

If I love someone, I don't need marriage to show it, officialize it or whatever but I can understand that it can be important to some people. As for the legal aspects of common life, I prefer a custom contract which would be more adapted to the couples' situation. (And screw the fancy white dress! I'm probably the least romantic girl in the world )

J7's selected quotes on love :xp
I don't think marriage is a requirement to make that applicable. Love != marriage to me (but not incompatible of course ). Marriage is not necessary for a successful and long-lasting relationship.
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