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Wow... I don't pop in for a few months and this happens!!!

Redrob: Those skins are pretty damn impressive! Kelbourne was well-done along with everybody else you did. I'm especially fond of the new uniform for Carth, the original Admiral's uniform just didn't look right!

Logan: Looks like Malachor is going to be a lot like in TSL: Hack and Slash! I take it that you're going to be fighting more than your fair share of "Fallen Jedi" in the academy? And what's this about Kreia... I'm probably forgetting something, but isn't she, you know, kinda dead? (Yeah, I'm betting I forgot something here)

Holocrons with building your lightsabers? Hmmm... [bad_german_accent]Interestingk, bery interestingk[/bad_german_accent] This promises to be pretty good! I hope that you go more in depth with this in-game.

Bounties on the Ebon Hawk whatever your ship name is? Yes!!! This is getting better and better! Though, you know, I'd swear I've seen that swoop bike before...

Great idea with the remote for going to planets! Not only does it eliminate the planet limit, it also eliminates the need to create the icons and animations (selection animations, not landing scenes) for the planets!

Glad to see the progress has been continuing implacably! Next, I've got to get around to seeing that trailer you made...

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