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Originally Posted by Vaelastraz View Post
Indeed. And this is exactly what Skinwalker provided us with. I'm sure you've noticed that anyone here but you considers the research study to be empirically valid.
Thing is, we don't know if the research is genuine due to his history. That's the thing about trust, I can argue you all accept it because it's what you want to believe as atheists.

Originally Posted by Vaelastraz
You do not. Please demonstrate why we should believe you. And do so by referring to the empirical data, not Nyborg's history.
When there is a history of discrimination of people of religion in academia as I've illustrated, the question becomes also how many people answered the survey honestly?

Originally Posted by Vaelastraz
So far, your treatment of this research study is akin to saying that Harry Potter sucks because Rowling has a history of writing bad books. Without actually having read Harry Potter.
Bad example because Rowling writes fictional works, it isn't a legit comparison.

@ True_Avery

I didn't just use wikipedia, I used the news link from the University where he worked. That is more relevant than a random link you are posting where I have no idea where it is from.
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