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There is, actually, an interesting point of Nyborg's methodology that I have a question about and I've written him to clarify it. Once that's done, I'll be able to use the independent data he obtained and attempt to duplicate his results. If I can use the data in such a way -data sets that were not compiled by Nyborg, then it stands to reason that I can set aside any question of bias or the fallacious insistence that nothing he researches is valid now since he had some math errors in a project from 5-7 years ago.

That aside, its also interesting to note that Garfield has carefully avoided discussing Stankov and Massengill, two of the other studies I've shown which have data demonstrating the negative correlation between conservatism and cognitive ability.

I feel that I must also include a short disclaimer: the data I've cited are regarding general trends only and in no way imply that individuals in any population are necessarily representative of the data. Particularly not individuals who post at LF.

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