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Originally Posted by Jae
and the injured grit their teeth to hold back any cries

It is an improvement, although it's a shame that the part where Ta'lith'ra comforts Jailyn has been removed. There's also a part when Tirius refers to Jailyn by name, and then they introduce themselves later Are the dragon's tears crystals or do they just evaporate really, really fast?

Originally Posted by Jae
Jailyn was dwarfed in the center of the sparse Elani council chambers, even with Ta'lith'ra's large frame filling much of the space next to her.
Standing next to a dragon would make me feel very small :P On the other hand, one could argue that as they are bonded, Ta'lith'ra is a kind of extension of her, so if the dragon feels small, so would she:P

Over all, still not a lot of plot exposition, but I expect some delicious politicking in the next chapter!

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light dwindles. Then is evening
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But evening is the great brightening dawn
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-Kuruntokai 234, translated by A.K. Ramanujan

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