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I think the real notable thing is that in Nyborg's studies we find that it isn't so much religion itself, but dogmatic devotion. I'm sure we could find a similar relationship with dogmatic eco-nuts and the Democratic/Liberal view and lessened cognitive ability. Perhaps those are the ones that skewed the athiest IQ scores lower than the religious LOL.

I am glad you admit that it isn't so much religious as the more fundamentalist views, since it is obvious that belief in a higher being does not automatically equate to a lower IQ(on average). That tends to indicate to me at least that the conclusion is reached in error.

they also seem to not test for those that did not graduate HS, which as I understand it the conservatives and Republicans have a higher rate of completion. Narrowing it down by race also tends to skew results as well. I mean I could take African American or Hispanic groups and show one trend that would put a negative light on things. Basically what I'm saying is that Conservative/Liberal have little to do with IQ. It is merely your willingness to challenge your own preconceived notions.

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