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Apologies to you, Astor, but, upon rechecking the site that you had posted in the previous update, I found that the story had been updated, and was filled with most excellent details of the game. Just a few that I found worthy:

Originally Posted by Astor's Site
With a roar the fifth line charge the houses door, their new screw bayonettes allowing them to use their guns as spears without the need to fix blades beforehand. They push through the doorway and begin the bloody trial of stabbing and cutting their way to the upper floors.
A great example of what new research can bring. Who doesn't like a nice bayonet charge every now and again?

With nothing to deflect or protect them from cannon fire the massive 12lb balls slam into the stone house, tearing off its chimney stack and partially demolishing a wall. I pull the forces from the building, the last one making it out as the beams give and the whole structure collapses in smoke and flame.
Although previously stated, just more information on the destroyable/usable terrain.

I have a weapon they do not suppose of, a recent advance in artillery and manufacturing technology that I think will see their ruin. I set up mortar teams on the small hills close to the fort but beyond its range. The mortars I have adapted will outrange their units by a large margin.
Just another example of the importance of technology, and what research makes the difference.

A high pitched scream announces a huge barrage of shells sailing into the sky. With a deafening roar they slam into the walls. A creak. A groan. Then an almighty crash as the northern wall comes down.
My personal favorite of the selected excerpts: mortar shells bring a massive fort to its doom, and sealing the fate of the defenders.

At any rate, we've but one more day to wait before the destruction carnage game is released!

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