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Originally Posted by scavangerman34 View Post
thnx... and about that wookie, um,... dead... and also, how do i get away from admiral sual while i'm on his ship being tortured? i'm stuck.
There should be a point before your taken captive that you get to chose one of your party members to come and save you. Most of them don't get to complex on what that character has to do to rescue Carth, Bastila, and your player, but know they don't have their normal items(aside from Juhani, who has any items currently equipped before the capture, or Canderous, whose items are in a container in the room he is in when you take control of him.)

But if you use Juhani or Mission, don't have the stealth field generator on when you use the Aft Brig console.

Unless you mean that game gets stuck on the torture scene....

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