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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Yet numbers don't lie, and while I don't like them, they are there, so you might as well make the best of the situation while you try to change it.
Yeah, maybe my mom doesn't make as much as a male coworker, but I gotta say, 70k vs 75k, not a lot of difference at this point.

My point was that you shouldn't marry women with the assumption that you're going to "protect" them and "provide" for them. If that's the way both you and your wife want to be, go right ahead. But marrying women because they make less is one of those prime reasons that women are paid less. Companies figure that since a woman has the man earning money, they don't need to pay them as much.

So by marrying them to "provide" for them, you're making the situation worse.

Not to mention you're assuming that just because you're a man, you're going to make more than her. You may make more than a woman who is in your same profession, but that doesn't guarantee you're top your wife. My aunt makes 250K+ a year. That's hard to top with ANY profession.

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