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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
What if that bar adjoins a restaurant? Would it be okay to allow smoke to drift into the restaurant? I'm thinking a place like TGI Fridays or Applebees.
That's why there is a smoking and nonsmoking section.

Originally Posted by SkinWalker
What of the non-smoking waitress at that bar that can't afford the luxury of simply quiting and taking another job. Shouldn't work conditions be made as healthy as possible for workers? OSHA, after all, has a lot of say in this regard when it comes to unsafe or unhealthy working conditions in other industries.
That's why there needs to be good ventalation in the restaurant. Again it's not a cut and dry place, if it was a non-smoking waitress that was that concerned I'd try to have her be a greeter to minimize exposure to the smoke.
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