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I think it's pretty simple. The owner of the establishment should decide whether they allow smoking or not. I know a lot of bar owners here in Phoenix. Most of them smoke. A good 90% of their staff smoke. I miss being able to smoke in restaurants. it was a great way to ensure my meal would get there faster.. seems my meal would always get there as soon as I would light a cig. But I was ok with that. still it was nice to have the option of smoking or non. Sometimes it was better that way. Some places there were less smokers, so there was always a table available.

However bars were always a haven for smokers. I mean I shoot pool a lot. There is just something wrong about a pool hall not having smoke. Heck even in California the place that banned smoking in bars first, I went to a pool hall there. The place was smokey as heck. I asked the bartender where everyone got their ashtrays. the bartender reached behind the counter and pulled out an ashtray and said with a wink, "You brought your own." So regardless of the law, there will be smoking. I would prefer that the owner make the decision as to whether the establishment is smoking, or not. Perhaps with a tax break for those that go smoke free. Seems more fair to me.

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