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This is a subject I am pretty familiar with.

First let me preface this with my own tale. I was with the same woman for 8 years before we got married. Through that whole time we argued about on average once per year. I got married to her about 2 years ago. From that point we started arguing a great deal. Then last July we broke up. She was sleeping around on me for a month at least. Now we're going through divorce.

Ok so with that out of the way, you'd think I would have a negative view of marriage. I do not. I still have faith that marriage is a good thing. See my dad was married to my biological mom for 16 years before their divorce. The next woman he married he was with until his death. My grandmother was married and divorced once until she met the man I knew as my grandfather. She was married to that man until he died(better than 30 years). Those really indicate that while the first marriage may have ended badly, the next marriage has a higher success rate. It really depends on the maturity of both parties. if you have a similar maturity, you will likely mature together. Or you will have learned about how to really make a relationship work.

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