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I can't remember verbatim what he asks, but after zapping all three of you (Carth, Bastila, your PC), he will then threaten to torture either Carth or Bastila (depending on your PC gender) to get you to talk.

He asks you what mission you were given by the council and where the council is. You should then be offered several responses, as for most interactions throughout the game, one of which will be the truth (like 'We're looking for the Star Forge' or 'They're on Dantooine'), one will be a lie ('We're on a mission to kill Malak' or 'They're on Alderaan'), and the last will be, I think, a bit of a taunt/refusal to answer.

Tell the truth, Basty/Carth doesn't get tortured, and they shout at you. Tell a lie, and they get zapped. That's just about how it goes.

Is the clip where all three are tortured just playing continually? If so, it would signal an error of some kind.

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