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lothario's custom style

Originally Posted by lothario1132 View Post
Hi all,

Since one of my New Year's resolutions was to post more stuff to the internet, I thought I'd ring in 2009 with some more custom goodies for Jade Empire.

I've already posted two new martial styles, and since the second one was the wrong upload (sorry, my bad -- I gave you all a first draft instead of the finished product), I feel that it is only fair for me to try to make amends.

Here ya go (13.3 kb):

This is my first two styles, further tweaked and perfected, as well as two more. Might as well custom out all four available starting styles, right?

A brief description of the styles:

Willow -- Whipping strikes, moderate speed, leaping power attack that covers a lot of ground, making it easier to complete harmonic combos. Moderate damage.

Seven Thunders -- Long chain of mixed attacks, moderate speed, moderate to high damage. Can cause brief "slowing" in opponents who are struck by the last of the attack chain. Weak and slow power attack.

Divine Void -- Spinning style exclusively uses circular kicks. Fast speed, moderate damage. Good for eliminating more than one opponent at once, especially if targets are switched back and forth during the attack chain. Powerful power attack that send opponents flying.

Black Mantis -- Fast, moderately low damage, but the last attack in the chain can cause brief confusion effects. Very powerful power attack with little to no range. (You pretty much have to be standing right next to your opponent)

I hope that this post will make up for my faux pas earlier in the thread.

Have fun!

Wow, great discovery of ingame already styles. Never knows why bioware keep them as npc only style. I'm downloading your mod, lothario. Not yet try them because I'm downloading from office. Can't wait to try them .
I 'd found the blackmantis already from reading it's icon name in original styleuperlist.2da, but I can't find the blackmantislv.2da, blackmantiscs.2da and blackmantisas.2da, so I guess you make them by your self. Great work!!!
I can do something with the white box problem, I did fix the problem with monkey paw already I post above. Can I do it and post it here? all credit of the styles still for you of course...

Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
You could try the version of nwnnsscomp.exe that's attached to this post; it's the one I am using (or was using, rather, back when I was modding Jade Empire ). It should be stand-alone and not be looking in the Registry for any NWN or KOTOR info. It will use the nwscript.nss file located in the same folder as the EXE, and will look for include files in the same folder as the script that includes them. It can be run as:

nwnnsscomp.exe -c filename.nss
nwnnsscomp.exe -c filename.nss -o filename.ncs
So, I'm using the version of nwnnsscomp included in the post I quoted and I seem to have run into a wall. In an effort to turn my character into an Avatar (as in, Avatar the Last Airbender), I'm trying to recompile j00_lti_rhino.nss so I can get two of the four associated magic styles after that tutorial fight. I'm using the second set of parameters quoted above in a batch file, but nwnnsscomp crashes every time I try to compile the script. Any ideas? I should probably note that I've applied the fixes to nwscript.nss on lines 7104 and 7318.

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