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Originally Posted by Tsubasa View Post
In an effort to turn my character into an Avatar (as in, Avatar the Last Airbender), I'm trying to recompile j00_lti_rhino.nss so I can get two of the four associated magic styles after that tutorial fight. I'm using the second set of parameters quoted above in a batch file, but nwnnsscomp crashes every time I try to compile the script. Any ideas?
Have you extracted all the required include files that are used by the script into the same folder you have the j00_lti_rhino.nss script? (j00_i_util, j00_i_plot, j00_i_debug, j00_i_styles, j00_i_build, j00_i_reward_al)

How does the commandline you are running look? I tried recompiling that script manually with no problems, but I just did it directly on the command prompt with no batch files or changed paths, and it worked fine then.

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