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Well here in AZ when they instituted the ban of smoking in bars, there was a marked decrease in sales. however, most bars figured ways around the ban including patio areas, open air bars, and just serving people in the smoking area. Me personally, I just prefer to drink at a friend's house. With Sheriff Joe looking to lock up all drunk drivers, drinking at a friend's house seems the wisest choice. At least I can drink and smoke there(and the booze is cheaper haha). if I get drunk, I can stay there.

Note: if you drink in Phoenix, take a cab or have a designated driver. DUI means jail time here as well as an interlock device even for a first offence. It's a good idea anywhere, but the penalties here are really rigid.

At the topic: I don't mind not smoking in restaurants. I miss it, but I don't mind not being able to. I don't go to bars anymore because they don't allow smoking. Sorry, but I like to smoke while I shoot pool. I can't drink, shoot pool, and smoke. No point for me. I'd rather go to a buddy's house to do all three. Especially when it's 115 degrees outside. I'm not going to go to a bar where I can get heat stroke.

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