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Originally Posted by Adavardes View Post
I'm gonna have to go with Qliveur. It doesn't make your life better or easier. There's just soemthing about being legally bound to a person, no matter how much you love them, that detracts from the relationship and puts it under strain. Do you know how much you can fall out of love and learn to despise someone by thinking of them as a legal obligation instead of a relationship built on trust and commitment that doesn't need a paper saying you love one another?

The benefits do not outweigh the setbacks. Don't get married.
What? I'm legally bound to my husband, and have been for almost 19 years now. It doesn't strain us at all, and we don't feel it's an 'obligation' at all. I'm sorry you've had a miserable experience with marriage somewhere, but this is your opinion of it, and not truth. You can fall out of love without the piece of paper--I've certainly seen that happen a whole lot more often than I've seen it happen after someone's married. How many breakups of non-married people did you see in high school and college? I've seen plenty--far more than I've seen breakups of marriage.

There are any number of studies showing the health benefits of marriage vs. other types of relationships, so the benefits most certainly do outweigh the costs. Married men live longer and generally have less depression than non-married men. There is less poverty in married households than in unmarried households. Look up on medscape's medline search and you'll find numerous studies showing the benefits of marriage. You've made an assumption on marriage based on your opinon, but it's incorrect, since the benefits of marriage are greater.

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