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Originally Posted by Darth Scorpius View Post
Am I the only one having trouble getting onto stations off of the Eagle?
No, my game kept freezing and crashing everytime I tried to get on the Aid Station. I was however able to get on the Aperture Station without problems.

I also had a problem on Etti where some doors would open and then shut immediatly before the rest of my team could get thru.

Other than the 2 black screens after the Jawa turned into a Rancor and after the HK and Canderous mission (I just restarted the game after each time and it worked from there) Only other bugs I had were some spelling erros and the voices (when there were voices) being so soft I could barely hear them.

However with all that said , very good mod Trex, I can tell you put alot of work into what you have done and bugs are to be expected from such a large mod


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