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Originally Posted by dunde View Post
Wow, great discovery of ingame already styles. Never knows why bioware keep them as npc only style. I'm downloading your mod, lothario. Not yet try them because I'm downloading from office. Can't wait to try them .
I 'd found the blackmantis already from reading it's icon name in original styleuperlist.2da, but I can't find the blackmantislv.2da, blackmantiscs.2da and blackmantisas.2da, so I guess you make them by your self. Great work!!!
Thanks, buddy! The only thing the developers left in the game regarding my custom martial styles were "placeholders" in the dialog.tlk file and a few 2da's. Basically, they had planned on doing something with them, but just didn't get around to it. I simply took graphics from other existing styles and glued movement sequences together to fill in the missing parts.

There are "hidden" movements in the Heavenly Wave style that are never seen ingame, for example. I "liberated" them and used them in the Black Mantis style. The custom Willow style uses movements from Death's Hand style... I just took the two swords away, switched some stuff around, tweaked the damage... and presto! You can tell which styles I borrowed from with the four custom styles by the power attacks, as they are recognizable from the originals.

I can do something with the white box problem, I did fix the problem with monkey paw already I post above. Can I do it and post it here? all credit of the styles still for you of course...
As I mention in the download packages, anyone can do anything they want to my downloads, so if you feel like adding some stuff, go right ahead!

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