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Originally Posted by joesdomain View Post
I think adding more playable Jedi/Sith and bounty hunters would be perfect.
Not to target you personally, but no thank you. For those of you who want to play as heroes, there's Mos Eisley Assault. If you don't like fighting on fair ground with other players, then perhaps the SWBF2 community is better off without you.

Originally Posted by talon1579 View Post
Assuming most players go for a 6 or 12 man squad, and 16 a team or so, that's about 150 units on a battlefield. Easy for a computers to handle in MP.
No. There's a reason that most servers either only have 5 AI a team or have AI off completely. There's this lovely little word; I think we all know it. It's called "Lag." It's a fun little thing, especially for those people who don't have uber-fast internet. Most big servers have a max of 36 people. Plus, say, 10 AI per team. 56 units vs your 150? I can really tell you thought that one out. Jawa didn't misquote, he pretty much clarified what we were all thinking. Allow me to tell you what it sounded like:

Clone Wars had millions of units.
The games didn't get the sheer numbers across.
The games need to have millions of units to get the sheer numbers across.

Originally Posted by LordJhredmo
It is LucasArts.

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