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I feel like a 13 yearold again playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. This game is so awesome. Will run on any PC no matter how ****ty or underpowered.

My park just can't expand anymore. Cutting down trees is just too expensive, it'd probably take me half an hour and $200,000 to cut down all the woods around my park. So I ended up layering rides on top of each other. If I could see this park in 3D it'd be so messed up looking. Layers upon layers of catwalks and rails. Just crazy.

Composite picture, remember, I play this game at only 800x600, so it's not that big.

Notice the super long lines in two areas. I have a 3D Cinema (three in the park, actually) that has a line that can hold over 200 people. But it's takes an entire hour of real time to get all the way through the line. So I'll constantly see people leaving pissed. But on the exiting trail I put a bunch of food places and stuff. 90% of all people tend to buy something, a total money suck.

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