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Media Conflicts of Interest as well as outright dishonesty

I'm not talking about the double standard I brought up before in a different topic (on Kavar's), I'm bringing up a few things quite worse than the simple unconscious double standard.

First according to an article from (and before anyone claims it's a biased source, I'd advise you to read the article because they can back it up in spades).

The newly named head of the White House Office of Health Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle, is married to New York Times reporter Jason DeParle.

That's just to name one, and they can back up each one from where those reporters work. That is a serious case of conflict of interest, but that's just where I'm beginning.

There is also a story online concerning several figures in the media having regular contact with Obama's Chief of Staff.

Neither Democrat would say so, but a third source said the two also began pushing the idea of targeting Limbaugh in their daily phone conversations with Emanuel.

Conversations and email exchanges began taking place in and out of the White House not only between the old pals from the Clinton era but also including White House senior adviser David Axelrod, Deputy Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Woodhouse.

The White House needed no more convincing after Limbaugh’s hour-plus performance Saturday, celebrated on the right and mocked on the left, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he re-stated his hope Obama fails.

“He kicked this into full-gear at CPAC by reiterating it,” said a senior White House official of Limbaugh.

By Sunday morning, Emanuel elevated the strategy by bringing up the conservative talker, unprompted, on CBS’s “Face the Nation” and calling him the “the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party.”
-- page 2 of the article

There is a concerted effort on the part of the drive-by media and the Obama Administration to silence or discredit any of Obama's critics.

Now it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of you hate Rush and want to see him gone, but consider this, who will Obama target next? Do you really want the media to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the person that controls the White House, like what we see in a Dictatorship?

That is the question.


We also have Reporters developing crushes on the Obamas

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