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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
This teacher is not part of some massive liberal conspiracy to demoralize the country she is acting on her own will. The notion that every liberal-minded individual shares the same agenda and set of ideals is so fallacious to even comprehend.
Doesn't have to be a giant conspiracy, it can just be simple intolerance that is legitimized in how instructors are taught, or there needs to be classes on teaching tolerence when it comes to differences in opinion.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
Perhaps, but it does not provide any evidence that each incident is connected.
Not saying there is, I'm just saying that this isn't just an isolated fluke, I don't think it's a vast conspiracy. I just think it's the usual intolerance to other people's opinions where people are viewed to be evil simply because they don't agree.

Originally Posted by Kyp Dooran
So Joe the Plumber speaks for all conservatives?
No, he just represents how people are demonized if they make the "anointed one" look bad.
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