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Hi Lothario,
I tried your styles last night. Great movements and balance.. Inspired by your 2da, i tuned down the monkey paw's damage to 1/3 of it's original damage. I'm afraid it will make sung brother or other npc use the style become weaker, so i add lines to styledata.2da to accomodate the customised damage.
I'd extracted the icons for your styles too and made them showed perfectly on selecting starting style screen. I'll post them soon.
Loth, i want to ask you.. When i read *as.2da, i found hdamage, cdamage, fdamage, ddamage and edamage columns. I know hdamage is health damage, i assume cdamage is chi damage and fdamage is focus damage. Am i correct? Then what are ddamage and edamage? Can you help me please?

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