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You don't walk into a police station and explain why heroin should be legal to the drug squad.

You don't walk into a children's hospital and present a paper on why pedophilia should be legal.

You don't walk into a WW2 Holocaust survivor meeting present to them why Hitler should have won.

You don't go to an AA meeting and explain to them why Drunk Driving is the best thing since sliced bread.

And you don't walk onto to a school campus, enter a classroom, and then present a powerpoint on why you and others should be able to carry hidden guns on school campus on a topic about school shootings. With all the media and hysteria on school shootings and the tension they leave behind, what the hell did this guy think he was doing?

You need to sit back and look at this from a teacher's perspective: A student she barely knows comes into her class every day and interacts with other students. He then, when called up, presents a powerpoint on why he, yourself, and other students should be allowed to carry guns on a school campus as a defense for school shootings.

That can translate to a number of things. Shoot the shooter before he shoots you? Stop him with your gun? Non-violently keep him down with your gun pointed at him?

She did what she thought was safe, and I believe many teacher's would have done the same. Why?

My History teacher told us at the beginning of my junior year that if we presented anything supporting slavery, nazi's, genocide, or racism in his classroom that he would give us a no questions asked referral. Why? Because his family was jewish and had survived the holocaust.

Is it an infringement on freedom of speech? In definition, yes. It is. I will not disagree with anyone on that. It should be the students right to go in front of the class and tell them that he wished 10 million more jews had been killed.

But there is just some **** you don't say.

You don't walk up to a police officer and ask him if he knows any drug dealers. It is perfectly legal to, as he has no proof you are going to search one out and buy anything, but that wont stop him from pinning you and checking you for narcotics.

Its common sense. Should she have called the police? Should he have been allowed to explain why bringing guns onto campus is OK? It is as much his legal right to do so as it is the guy to ask the officer about drug dealer locations.

This is not an attack on a belief system. This is not an attack by some huge group with an agenda. This is common ****ing sense at work, and he should have had enough to realize that being pro-gun concealment on school campus' during a time still reeling from school shootings, and presenting said argument in a school shooting presentation would get you in trouble with said school.

I would have called him on it at least. I would have told him to do another one. If it was as extreme as she thinks it was, then I may have called the office, counselor, or authorities as well.

He was perfectly in his right to say and believe so. He broke no actual laws. What he did do was something completely lacking common sense. What he did do was break a social law. The police, regardless of your so called freedom of speech, do not take kindly to be asked about drug locations, informed a students wants to carry a gun on campus, or other dumb comments like that.

The fact the police acted on this call at all means they take a comment like this seriously. Are the police always right? No, but it is their job to look for signs and to make sure things do not happen. They took his powerpoint seriously enough to consider asking him a few questions and making sure nothing was out of the ordinary.

Freedom of speech does not exist. There is no such thing as actual freedom, because nothing is free. By law you have the right to yell out in a mall "I have a bomb strapped to my chest!", but that doesn't mean you aren't going get the police called on you.

You have the right to stand up and announce to a classroom that you believe pedophilia should be legal. Does that mean you should? Maybe you aren't a pedophile, and are just being devil's advocate. But do you think for a second you wont get your ass fired and never be allowed to teach again?

You have the right to say that blacks should be lynched, jews burned alive, and women kept in cages on the air because of freedom of speech. That doesn't mean, however, you wont get fired from your anchorman position for doing so.

Freedom of speech will never exist as long as there are social laws in place, which means you must be open for ANYONE saying ANYTHING at ANYTIME and ANYPLACE. There will be no regulations on what teachers can say in a class. There will be no regulations on threats etc on school campus'. Nothing. Every word would have to be acceptable by our civilization for every single person on the planet to hear at anytime.

It means we would be allowed to explain and teach kids about homosexuality whenever, where ever. If you complain, they get to sue you for infringing on their freedom of speech. Beastiality, etc would have to be perfectly acceptable in a classroom because the teacher has the right to say whatever she wants. Isn't not allowing children to watch pornography against freedom of speech? Its censorship after all.

Freedom of speech? I've never met someone who believed in freedom of speech and I doubt that will change soon. It has been limited speech since the day of its creation when africans were also named only part of the worth of a white man.

Again, its common sense. There is **** you don't say, because there are social laws in effect ontop of actual laws. It may be illegal to fire you for expressing your opinion, but that does not mean your boss can't find some legit reason to fire you.

Is this bad? Is this good?

To be honest, I do not have that answer and probably never will.

(If I got some laws wrong in my examples, I apologize. Its 1 in the morning.)
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