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"How many days do we reach this Shinobi?"

Kaneda just finished eating his rather tasty bowl of Ramen. He set it down, and put on his usual bored expression, and looked over at Asuke.

"Well'p, we should arrive there tommorow morning if we keep on schedual..."

"So, how tough are these "Ogawa"? Should we expect heavy resistance?"

Tategami put down his bowl of ramen to answer. "We've been through this before: we have dont know that much about them. We have no idea how many there are at this moment, nor the type of firepower they wield. What we do know for certain is that they mean to illegally harvest the vegetation within that temple."

"And finally, why do you flex your muscles when you introduce yourself? It makes you look really really strange"

"My arms get sore at times. But hey: its not as strange as someone sleeping on a tree branch throughout the day when she has more important stuff to attend to."

"If I may ask a few questions myself. I recall you added something after he end of that sentence back at Konoha. When we were talking about summoning as part of your profession, you said "you're skilled at something else." Kaneda sat on the grass and layed on the log, staring at Tategami. "What did you mean by that?"

Tategami looked into the fire, a sad expression spread across his face. "Its something I dont prefer talking about. Children like yourselves wouldnt understand..."
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