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"Dr Weir we are recieving a burst communication" one of the bridge crew reported as Elizabeth steped onto the bridge.

"Is it from SG-21?" she replied in her normal calm manner.

"No the message came from space possibly a cloaked ship..." the bridge officer continued.

"What is weird is that it has an Iris code for the Earth Stargate, if I remember correctly it was removed from the list of accepted codes after an SG team went missing when I was working at the SGC." another member of the crew replied.

"The message has been fully decoded now Dr Weir" the crewman who reported the message in the firstplace replied.

"Play the message" Dr Weir said.

"This is Captain Thomas Stevenson of SG-13 requesting permission to ring aboard, my team was abushed and killed I survived I was tortured personally by Ba'al until a Tok'ra host gave his life to save me..." he said with a heavy heart.

"I am now host to the Tok'ra symbiote feel free to detain me when I get there. I heard about Earth and the Ori and decided to find help elsewhere. I will program my ship to follow yours SG-13 out." The message ended.

"Send him a reply using the same compression algorithm stating he can ring aboard when we drop our shields. Send some men down to the ring platform and keep me informed." Elizabeth ordered the crew.

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