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Originally Posted by dunde View Post
Loth, i want to ask you.. When i read *as.2da, i found hdamage, cdamage, fdamage, ddamage and edamage columns. I know hdamage is health damage, i assume cdamage is chi damage and fdamage is focus damage. Am i correct? Then what are ddamage and edamage? Can you help me please?
Good question. As far as I found out, they have no effect. cdamage and fdamage are pretty much for the npc's to mess up the pc, and since the custom styles aren't used by the bad guys, the only way to bring these stats into play is for us to tweak the "normal" styles like gimp, legendary strike, or the npc ghost and demon styles, for example. I never got around to testing cdamage and fdamage out to see if they are actually implemented or not... so they might have no effect as well.

One idea I had was to make a special style like spirit thief that healed focus rather than chi, but then I realized how catastrophically bad that would be to game balance. It's bad enough that you can tear through folks with storm dragon or hidden fist and do harmonic combos!
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