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I thought that Republic at War would be so awesome... but we'll see what happens.

I hate the Clone Wars cartoon. I hate the voices in general, the dumb little quips and puns by the battle droids (they are built to fight, not question/delay orders by General Grievous...). Probably what gets me most is how they screwed Temuera Morrison (and Bodie Taylor) out of voicing the clones, but instead replacing them with corny-sounding Australian accents. How vile!

What I really want to see in Battlefront III, for sure, is system clone models (91st Reconnaissance Corps on Saleucami, 212th Attack Battalion on Utapau and so on, for appropriate systems). The 501st dominated skins drove me insane in BFII. I wanted to see Cody's 212th on Utapau, not the 501st led by Obi-Wan against Grievous... that doesn't even make sense, since it didn't happen.

Something else important for III, without a doubt, is way more space maps. The six in BFII with two different modes got old quick.

Another thing, is that there are not a wide enough variety of the war machines that were used in the Clone Wars featured in BFII. Sailing over the beaches of the Kashyyyk carrying troops in inside a HAVw A6 Juggernaut.

Most important to me, due to my permanent love of the vehicles, more LAAT/i gunships! I want to see them in land combat, as well as the in-game equivalent in BFII (Heavy Missle Platform of the CIS). I didn't like that those weren't present in ground conflicts in BFII at all. They are beautiful vehicles that are so awesome to behold as they come in for a quick landing, deployment of their Boys in White, and take off for another pick-up.

What else is there, really? But please... no lame-o children's cartoon additions. I consider all that nonsense to be non-canon. I refuse to recognize the cheap rip-off.

Sorry, but I find it unacceptable.


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