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Originally Posted by EnderWiggin View Post
Stop spouting bull****. You have no idea whether or not the teacher "felt threatened because of her beliefs." All you can do is speculate as to the reasoning behind her 911 call, even though you have no evidence besides the one point - that she is 'Liberal'.
Quite frankly I would suggest you take your own advice. As Tommycat pointed out we can infer that the teacher is a liberal. The fact she called the cops also points out she felt threatened by the fact that the student had a viewpoint that differed with hers.

Furthermore, True_Avery stop distorting the issue, all the kid said was that he believed if students had been allowed to carry concealed firearms the number of fatalities at some of these school shootings would be significantly less. That isn't the same as what you're saying it is, or are you saying people are criminals for owning a firearm or being against gun-control?
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