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CheapyD actually kicked some ass in some places. Though in the two dozen or so one-on-one moments we had I usually came out on top.

Shipwreck was pretty good, but it took me awhile to realize he was playing cause his gamertag is Cobra Commander... pretty aggressive on the CTF matches.

Wombat on the other hand was pretty ****ty. He often came in last and had a tendency to stand still when firing. Though at one point everyone got dropped, I was one of the few (5 other people, Cheapy and Wombat) to get back in for the last few matches and I got to fight with Wombat quite a bit. He was pretty talkative and laugh-prone, really enjoyable experience when running for my life with a flag on a really small map going "oh sh-t, oh sh-t, oh sh-t..." hoping Wombat could protect me if attacked. Also, when I first joined the room at the beginning of the day it was a full room and I was "the guy who heard the fart", all the mic icons lit up cause pretty much everyone laughed cause they all knew about it. Twas cool.

They're doing "play with Us" thing this Sunday with Killzone 2, should look out for that.

Edit: Whoops... if you weren't recording LFCast number TWO or something... hurrr...

Edit 2:

Also, found a reason to never play Rock Band 2 ever again.

I already threw out my copy of RB2, I shant be needing it.

I think it's worth it to laugh and get to play Megadeth's Holy Wars, get some achievement points and toss it onto Goozex.

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