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Originally Posted by Kyp Dooran View Post
I have a quick question for those that have the game? I recently bought it, and in my first battle, my artillery moved a bit, and then just stopped. I could not get them to move again; however, I read online that there is an "unpack" button, yet I wasn't able to find this anywhere. Just saw, fire at will, round shots, group formation, nothing else.

So, is there a reason my cannons just stopped; how can I get them to move again?
Is this early in the game? If so, the only artillery options (usually demi-cannon and sakers) are fixed batteries (they won't move after deployment).

I'm not sure, but I think you need to build a more advanced cannon workshop in order to gain access to limbered artillery.

Has anyone else been playing around with the Government types? I'm enjoying the fun of switching ministers around in an absolute monarchy - and elections are just as thrilling - Britain's had the same Parliament (with the ocassional Royal dismissal) for the past 23 years!
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