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Thanks y'all. I was kind of hesitant to release this at first, since it's a major color change to a fan favourite and I expected mixed feelings on this.

Sith Holocron, yeah, it might be more suitable for the HK-50s...HK-47's complaining about their silver plating will be kind of ironic once I get the TSL version done. :P And LOL, that actually would work great for Mical. I remember trying to reskin Mical as Anakin before, but IIRC, the face still looked basically the same, even though I'd pasted Hayden Christensen's face onto it. It would be difficult then to make the face look much different just by skinning. I'll give it a try, though.

Lucied, no, not really. It's a bit hard to see it in these screenshots, but the entire upper plating is at least slightly purple-ish.

Darth Betrayal: Heh heh...I actually plan to have most of the two games reskinned. Certainly not all of it, but a lot of it. I've started experimenting reskinning the Star Forge.
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